My New Sewing Machine

Yay! Today I got my new sewing machine. My loving husband feel pity about me doing my crafty things by handstitching, not that I am good at it. This is one of my handstiching creations, a journal cover. Not really neat but everybody in the office notice that I am the only one who have a journal cover that cute (everybody have the elegant one with leather cover)

I used to learn using sewing machine since I was at elementary school. My mother was a tailor and she made me lots of georgeous dress, hair accesories, etc.. she also made all the table runner, tissue box, phone cover, place mats, bags etc etc.. I helped her alot during that time but I only sew everything straight and I really dont understand about patterns

When I grew up, I forgot about sewing machine and only this recently, after 10 years, I got my call and  I love handcrafting again and wishing that I have a sewing machine. I said that alot to my husband and I think he got the message (or he got bored hearing me whining about sewing machine - lol )

So well, this is my new portable sewing machine.. Tara..

It's completed with 8 kind of stiching with variation including button sewing and zigzag stitching..
I know one portable sewing machine that have 32 kins of stitching but they're expensive and this one just fit prefectly with me and my needs.

The first thing I did with my sewing machine is making scarfs for my dogs..

Look, they're cute isn't it?

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