About Me

Hello, My name is Utary.

I live in Bali. My house is in the middle of ricefield, quiet and peaceful, sometimes this quietness make me lazy :-D.

I love swimming, walking on the beach with the dogs, eating, sewing, and daydreaming. Cooking is not in my list, not because I don't like cooking but I definitely don't like the dish washing after that. Well, dishwasher are not common yet in my country and they're (still) very expensive.

When the baby nap I can take my time to sew or to do any crafty things. Most of the time I sew small pouch, wristlets or purses. I am crazy about small bags or pouch.

Check out my etsy shop here: www.oyeta.etsy.com
I am also running my new second shop, selling my handmade toddler girl's dress at www.cikimot.etsy.com