Lots of order from Heartsy

I have to promote my etsy shop and I needed a kick start to get sales and feedback and also a good exposure to my shop. So I joined on Heartsy.me they actually offered more than 50% discount which is actually not good for me (haha!). yup as the seller it's like giving away my stuff for free, well not exactly free because I still get money from selling heartsy voucher.

After reading lots of advice on the internet about the positif and negatif effect of it. I decide to go on with it. Here is what I did on Heartsy:
  • I submit my handmade wristlet
  • People start vote for it
  • Heartsy staff contacted me
  • Heartsy staff asked me to offer more than 50% discount (Oh Gosh!)
  • Heartsy staff asked me to get prepared of everything
  • I agree
  • My shop featured on Heartsy
  • Within one day all my voucher is sold out (yay!)
  • I received lots of sales
  • I was busy answering convos, receiveing sales, verifying voucher, packing and sending orders
  • I was busy sewing again because apparently lots of people are actually buying 2 of my wristlet and spend more that the voucher
  • I was exhausted
  • I need some sleep, so I create I'll be sleeping this September Treasury on Etsy (well I still have time to create treasury
  • My shop is running out of products
  • I am happy, I withdraw the money from Heartsy (yay!)
  • I reward myself an ice cream,Magnum Choco Truffle, 3 days in a row (what a treat!)
 I am a bit overwhelmed and unprepared by the massive sales Heartsy gave me (off course, who desn't want 50+ discount?)

That's it! I'm done and this will be the most expensive promotion I've ever done. What I didn't prepare is that most of the voucher bought by VIP members.

Now, nothing to regret, most of my buyers are happy and so do I. I have to move on and make more bags and wristlet as my shop is almost empty and I have to fill it for the holiday sales. Cheers! *I need one more Magnum Choco Truffle*

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