Rainy Season

I live in a tropical island and my country only have two seasons. Summer and Rainy Season. No autumn, no winter, just a bunch of sun half the year and pouring rains in the other half. I love it when the rainy season start, just like these days, they're some rain and still some sun, not too hot and not too wet...

Rain in the evening make me sleep even better with the sound of water making music at my roof and in the morning sun will come up and wet trees and soil produce an earthy smell. I really love it.

I love it in the morning when I opened the window and the Frangipani is blooming like this.

Or sometimes after the rain in the afternoon, I open my window and saw beautiful rainbow like this

Beautiful isn't it? Many of my friends doubt this foto is from my front window. Oh yes it is! I still have this paddyfield view in front of my house but they're about to gone fast as more and more farmer sell their land and people built houses. I am just hoping it won't be too fast before the paddyfield are completely gone. Maybe 100 years from now. Or maybe never!

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