My Plan to get the first sale on Etsy

To start a new business is not easy. The first step to just get yourself to start is passed, now it is time to plan for strategy and marketing. I hate this but I see lots of new business is failed without this and I dont want to fail. So now I set up my mind to never give up and it is time to learn from those who succeed selling on etsy.

While keep making clutch bags on my spare time, I also read this etsy seller handbook and read the forums. I learn alot from this and found out some idea to get my first sales on etsy.
Here is my list:
  • Renew Items on etsy every 3-4 hours, 3 times a day (this is becaue I have small budget relisting items)
  • Change the photos of my items (they're ugly, Really need a fotogenic picture for my clutchs)
  • Learn more from forums and chat
  • Comment more on forum threads
  • Update and promote my blog
  • Make more bags and clutchs
  • Never Give up!
Ok so thats all my plan and strategy for now, we'll see if I can make my first sales in one month.

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