Yay! Finally My first sales on etsy..

Few days ago I started my plan to get first sales on etsy and today when I opened my email, I was so happy to get my first sales. Yay!

Actually I am not prepared yet to get my sales because my name card is not finished yet (I still haven't decide the design), I have no idea how am I going to wrap my items for shipping to make it nice. I shall look into thi matter as well.

I still have to send the items to my first customer so I wrap it up nicely with paper and ribbon and put a small handwriting card saying thank you for the purchase. I'm gonna put it inside a bubble envelope and will send it first thing tomorrow morning.

I am so happy. Now I'm getting excited to make more bags and sell and promote it on etsy.
Garus Garus ---->>> this is what the Balinese say when first customer buy something from your shop and hope that first customer will bring good luck and more customers to the shop for the rest of the day


  1. Congrats on your first sale!! May you have many more :)